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BF537 UART comms

Question asked by tamirci on Jan 24, 2015
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I m communicating over uart for a number of application. I m using UART1 for dual function and uart0 for signle function. I assigned both interrupt soruce to the same interrupt function IVG-10. My puesude code is like below.




     if (UART1_LSR & DR) {

     read data



    if (UART0_LSR & DR) {

          read data




this has no problem and i think this is logical.


The question is i m seeing interrupt hit at the begining altough there is no communication of peripherals. when i check registers i actually seeing LSR DR bits are set for both uart controller beside IIR_NINT=0, IIR_STATUS=2


I dont know why this is hapenning. Do you have any idea?


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