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ADL5387 - Close to minimum RF frequency

Question asked by ErL on Nov 9, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2010 by Qui

I am trying to use the ADL5387 for downconverting 60MHz radar IF to IQ baseband.

When approaching 60MHz RF and 120MHz LO from a higher start frequency the LO leakage to both IQ outputs are increasing significantly.

At 60/120MHz the IQ to LOleakage ratio is in the order of 6dB for 0dBm input levels on both RF (61MHZ) and LO (120MHZ). Is this normal ? I assume no. what could be the problem ?

My PCB layout is similar to the eval board letting all ground pins connect to the EP which has a short low res and thermal path to common groundplane.

(The bias pin was by accident shorted to ground on first power on, but I assume this does not cause the problem)