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erase SDRAM heap segment ADSP21489

Question asked by imu on Jan 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2015 by CraigG



I am using ADSP21489 Evaluation board. For dynamic memory allocation, I have used external SDRAM by using the macro USE_SDRAM_HEAP. I run my application for debug purposes several times (used calloc only) but did not free() the allocated memory.

After sometime I figured out in the xml map sheet that the seg_ext_dmda size has reached its maximum limit (Used words=0x3a0000 and Unused words = 0x0).


Now whenever I call calloc() again, behaves in  a weird manner by repatedly calling the function itself.


How can I erase all the data piled up in seg_ext_dmda so that its is free again (used words=0x0) for dynamic memory allocation to be used again?


PS: I have reset the power of the board, but still this did not erase the contents of external SDRAM heap memory.


Please help!