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[need help]: questions about adv7626

Question asked by on Jan 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2015 by mattp

hi :


   Recently when i use adv7626 to do some developing, i have met some quesitons and need your help.


   [Question 1]: i add a outer xtal device for the adv7626 and found that:

   when the xtal deviece is not power on, the i2c access to adv7626 IO Map area is ok? Is it normal?


   [Question 2]: when i do some configurations to the adv7626 registers and found that the xtal device is power on.

   but it is a pity that, the former operation that access adv7626 IO Map area through i2c method is not working?

   does the xtal device affect the i2c operation on adv7626?


    thank you so much.