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Color lines in ADV7180 output

Question asked by mitulchoksi on Nov 9, 2010
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We are using ADV7180 as a video decoder, for capturing NTSC video on TI's DM6437 processor. Video input to ADV7180 is analog NTSC on AIN1, so I'm using following configuration. This is exactly as mentioned in ADV7180 datasheet (ADV7180_Manual_RevF.pdf):

0x00 = 0x01

0x04 = 0x57
0x17 = 0x41
0x31 = 0x02
0x3D = 0xA2
0x3E = 0x6A
0x3F = 0xA0
0x0E = 0x80 
0x55 = 0x81

0x0E = 0x00


We observe color stripes in the video captured on DM6437. Also the color reproduction is not correct. See attached image for reference.

Please let me know if I need to set some other registers to resolve this issue.




Thanks & Regards,

Mitul Chokshi