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AD-FMCOMMS5 Serial Interface Connections

Question asked by mike.baker Employee on Jan 22, 2015
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I’m currently working with a customer who is evaluating the AD-FMCOMMS5 board. This will be followed by the design of a customer specific design that will include two FMC connectors so it can connect to the Xilinx Zynq-7000 evaluation board for the initial de-bug stage. The AD-FMCOMMS5 board has some features not needed on the customer target board. These functions include serial interfaces to the Xilinx board so I want to be sure excluding them won’t cause a problem when these devices can’t be read by the FPGA. The three functions of concern are on the AD-FMCOMMS5 schematic, sheet 4.

  • The AD-FMCOMMS5 EVB includes an ST Micro EEPROM, U303. Is this EEPROM necessary for the board to operate?
  • The AD-FMCOMMS5 EVB includes an AD7291 octal ADC (U304) that appears to be monitoring various supply voltages. Is this necessary for the board to operate?
  • An LO for transmit and receive will be provided from an external source. The AD-FMCOMMS5 EVB includes a REF CLOCK INPUT that drives a clock buffer (U301), ADF5355 synthesizer (U302), and a clock buffer (U307). Is this necessary for the board to operate?


If these are necessary is it possible to comment out these read/write functions in the FPGA?