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AD9958 Evaluation Board Software question/problem

Question asked by milzec on Nov 8, 2010
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I'm using AD9958/PCBZ evaluation board. For this board I've downloaded and installed the "AD9958/AD9959 Evaluation Software, Rev 1.0" from

In the datasheet of the board (Rev.0 - on the page 17, there is a chapter about "Setup Files" and it says that in the installation of the software are included preconfigured setup files (in separate folder). But I don't have  this folder nor preconfigured setup files on my computer. I tried reinstalling the software, installing it on another computer, but all I get is just two files:

  1. AD9959Ev.exe
  2. License.txt

Anyone have the same problem? I need those preconfigured setup files, especially the ones regarding the modulation.