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adv7393 nonstandard timing mode

Question asked by Sheldon on Nov 8, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2010 by DaveD



I'm using BF548 PPI port to output video signal to monitor.

Currently, the PPI is connected to ADV7125 and set as follow :


pixel format: RGB (8 bit for each channel)

frame size: 800 * 600 with v_sync and h_sync signal

PPI clock: 36 MHz


In order to reduce DDR loading,

I'm trying to change the output format from RGB to YUV4-2-2 inside BF548

and replace ADV7125 with ADV7393 as a YUV-to-RGB converter DAC.


It seems that ADV7393 doesn't surpport 800*600 in standard mode,

I'm wonder that if the nonstandard mode can be used?

if it can be used, what frequency should be supplied to CLKIN pin?

(I'm not sure that CLKIN can be supplied other than 27MHz and 54MHz)



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