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Booting 21469 EZ Board from flash and loading data into external RAM

Question asked by asjwood on Nov 8, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2010 by asjwood

I have been evaluating the 21469 SHARC part on an EZ Board and have a prototype version of my application running very nicely from the Visual DSP environment. Today I have been trying to get the board to boot from the flash. The application requires a reasonable amount of data (~3MB) which I have been keeping in the external ram.


For example I have


section ("seg_ext_data") short MyData::m_gData[] = {
    #include "my_data.dat"   


Visual DSP would happily load this data in to RAM and everything was great. However if I build a loader file from my project and load that into the flash memory using the flash programmer the data stored in the array in external ram appears to be unitialised following a reset and boot sequence. The rest of the program loads fine but obviously has no useable data to work with.


Is there a way of ensuring this data is loaded correclty into the external RAM at boot time or do I have to locate the array in the flash memory and copy it to the RAM myself during my programs initialisation routines? I was rather hoping the default kernel would do this for me but it doesn't seem to be so perhaps there is something obvious that I have overlooked?