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EVAL-ADISZ + ADIS16488AMLZ. SDPERROR 4001: device not responding

Question asked by Ivan-Rusov Employee on Jan 20, 2015
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I use EVAL-ADISZ + ADIS16488AMLZ for evaluation purposes. I've downloaded and installed a latest SDP drivers (EVAL-ADIS USB Driver Installation File (zip, 10790 kB)) and evaluation software (IMU Evaluation software for the EVAL-ADIS system (Version 1.13.0) (zip, 602 kB)) from

I can run IMU_Evaluation.exe and collect the data from the ADIS16488AMLZ only limited period of time (less than one minute). During reading data I get SDPERROR 4001: device not responding (board may have been physically disconnected).

I've tried to use another USB cable but errors still occur.


Could anyone help me to resolve the issue or give me some recommendations? Thank you in advance.