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CN0303 for evaluation board of the acquired data

Question asked by Laliberte on Jan 20, 2015
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I have check the operation of the ADXL001 using the CN0303 evaluation board.

Please answer the following three questions.

1.As a result of to save the results of the measurement in "Frequency mode", the following figure of data has been output.
A column I think Amplitude, but please tell me the meaning of the B,C columns.

2.A/D converter(AD7476) that is implemented on the board is 1MSPS, but it has become about 60kSPS If you look at the data.


Please tell me how to change the Sampling Rate.

3.If you save the data by measuring from "Acceleration Display", A ~ C column will become all "0".


Is there a way to save the data?

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