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ADV7180 I2C SCL and SDA Rise Fall Time

Question asked by daisu on Jan 19, 2015
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Hello all,


ADV7180 datasheet P.10 says below about characterizatoin of I2C port.
SCLK Frequency                 Max 400KHz
SCLK and SDA Rise Times   Max 300ns
SCLK and SDA Fall Times     Max 300ns


  Does above clock frequency of Max 400Khz  mean the value at I2C Fast-mode ?
  Do we need to meet Max 400KHz at Standard mode ?

Question 2
  Do we need to satisfy maximum rising time of 300ns when ADV7180 is used at Standard-mode ?
  I2C specificatoin is Max 1000ns at Standard-mode.


Our customer uses 100Khz at Standard-mode and rising time is about 480ns.
For test, they ask us above.