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AD9361 - Tx channel Interpolation filters setting

Question asked by FreddyS on Jan 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2015 by tlili


Dear supporter


We have designed our own board with the AD9361:


Using a single TX channel.


The RX channel is disabled (0x003=0x00).


BBPLL: 983.04


DAC Clock : 122.88


Interface BBP:LVDS DDR


We get good and as expected Tx operation when the Tx channel is enabled, and interpolation filter in By-pass.


But when activating the hb1 interpolation filter, operations seems incorrect. We expect the data clock to be data clock/2.


But Data clock frequency stays constant regardless the filters configuration.


Test was done at lower BBPLL frequencies as well with same results.


I will appreciate a script or a guide for setting those filters correctly.