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ADAU1772 sampling rate

Question asked by YK_Sng on Jan 19, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2015 by BillJ

Dear All,


When I was looking for an Audio CODEC, I found ADAU1772. There is some confusion on the sampling rate. In the 1st page of the datasheet it says it supports 8KHz to 192KHz sampling rate but when I read the PLL section it seems that the ADC can only support rate of 96KHz or 192KHz. I know the core is 96KHz or 192kHz but I do not need to use the DSP engine in the chip. My purpose of using the chip is to convert the analog data into digital audio stream with sampling rate of 8KHz-192KHz and support for 44.1KHz.


1.) Does ADAU1772 supports lower frequency like 8KHz?

2.) I have another requirement to support 44.1KHz can the ADAU1772 support this sampling rate?