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BF70x firmware programming in mass production

Question asked by uriy on Jan 19, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2015 by uriy

We have small device with BF533, SPI flash and audio codec.

It has any other flash memory or SDRAM.

In mass production we use USB SPI programmer to directly programm SPI flash in circuit.

I want to upgrade that design with BF70x.

It has ROM inside.

And little confused about ROM.

In hardware reference sometimes it's called as ROM sometimes as flash.

Do I can write to this ROM?

I want to boot DSP from UART. Earlier I used for booting BF527 LdrViewer (dolomitics - ldrviewer)

And loaded programm will burn internal ROM.

So my questions:

- Is DSP able to write to internal ROM?

- Is there any software like LdrViewer to boot DSP through UART?