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ADV7441A external clock input XTAL

Question asked by JimNJ on Nov 4, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2010 by JimNJ

XTAL Input: I will not be using a crystal but a external 3.3 V 28.63636 MHz clock oscillator source.


In the "Hardware Database Manual" (ADV7441A_HW_RevJ.pdf)

3.1.5 Xtal Clock Input Pin Functionality
     XTAL_TTL_SEL, User Map, Address 0x13, [2]
     If XTAL_TTL_SEL is set to 1, a different input buffer can be selected, which slices at TTL
     compatible levels. This inhibits operation of the crystal oscillator and, therefore, can only be used
     when a clock signal is applied.


However, in the "SOFTWARE MANUAL" (ADV7441A_SW_RevD.pdf), there is no bit listed at Address 0x13, [2].

Which is correct?