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ADE7878 - Reactive Accuracy Error

Question asked by Thinmaya on Jan 18, 2015
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We are using ADE7878 for our three phase meter and getting an accuracy error high on lower currents.


Current Ranges:

I Nominal - 1A

I max     -10A

Dynamic current Range: 1%Ib to Imax


Voltage Ranges: This product supports two nominal voltages ie 240V and 63.5V.


Calibration Point:

Current- 1.5A

Voltage - 240V

we do Vrms, Irms, DCoffset, active gain, Phase cal and reative gain calibartions.



The accuracy of both active and reactive is very good when tested with 240V as nominal but when we test 63.5V as nominal, only the active accuracy is good as expected but for the reactive,  we are getting more error particularly on lower currents(<10%Ib).


Is that ADE7878 couldn't make enough power during lower voltages and lower currents? How active accuracy can be good but reactive not?



Snap shot of reactive accuracy results:




Verify Bal 1%In Upf

  1. 1.9046 var

>>> -0.725 %

>>> -0.720 %

>>> -0.719 %

Verify Bal 2%In 0.5Lag

  1. 1.9025 var

>>> -0.613 %

>>> -0.592 %

>>> -0.680 %