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Collecting samples from FMcomms1 on PC and no-OS not sinus waveform

Question asked by MiTfreak on Jan 18, 2015
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I was trying to collect samples from FMCOMMS1 on PC by using no-OS/ad9361/scripts/zed at master · analogdevicesinc/no-OS · GitHub this scripts. But when running capture.tcl script I got a lot of errors ( ''invalid command name fpga'', ''ínvalid command name connect'', ...). Does anyone have the same problem? Also when fallowing tutorial AD-FMCOMMS1-EBZ Quick Start Guide on Xilinx FPGA Boards Without OS [Analog Devices Wiki] . I did not get sinus waveform at last step while triggering probes. It is really strange that some digital signals are on ''0'' all the time, please see picture. All the test prior to last steps are passed without warnings. I am using

SDK 14.2 and Vivado 14.2,  (but I also tried with 14.4).


Thank you in advance on answer,