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HMC1099LP5DE - PAE and power sequence

Question asked by FreddyS on Jan 19, 2015
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Dear Supporter

I have some questions regarding the HMC1099 Power amplifier:


  1. According the efficiency equation, Eff=P.out/Pin(D.C) ---> leading to [10w/28V*0.1A] X100 =357%. What am I missing?
  2. The plots on the datasheet page 6 are for Vdd=28 V and I=100mA.
    Please explain how can I see the PAE value from the graphs

    Please explain where/How can I extract from the graphs the PAE value @ Pout=2W?

  3. A PA with Pout of up to 4W ( With highest  Eff needed at 2W ) and Freq range: 20-530MHz is prefered. Is there such part?

Power-up sequence:


  1. Is it required to implement a specific power up sequence? If yes, is there such a power device supporting this HMC part? Any application note available?