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AD9364 Init Config Issue

Question asked by ANANDSM on Jan 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2015 by ANANDSM

Hi All,

I am using AD9364 in one our custom board. I am using the ADI drivers available at the GitHub.

I have attached the customized default_init_param, tx_fir_config and rx_fir_config for my application requirement. I have imported the ADI drivers into CCES for BF538 platform. I need clarification on following two issues that I am facing

1. In the console print I am encountering : Tuning RX FAILED..i.e

                  ad9361_dig_tune: Tuning RX FAILED..              what is the cause for this?


2. As you could see in my default_init_param , I am setting the TX and RX frequency chain parameters.

I am setting the TX and RX sampling rate as 10 MHz (10MSPS), but once configurations is completed (includintg configuration with tx and rx filter coefficients), when I read the tx/rx sampling frequency using tx_samp_freq?/rx_samp_freq?, it returns sampling frequency as 20MHz (tx/rx_samp_freq=20000000)

Currently I am testing the TX part. I am generating a single tone IQ signal with 100KHz and LO as 400MHz, I could see only the LO component in spectrum analyser with power level of ~ 21 dBm

Also I want to disable the console print. Please tell me how to do that as I am unable to get into the lower part of the code.

Could any one let me know whats wrong in the init code and any changes required for my setup.

Thank you very much for the support in advance.



Anand M