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ADAU1772 is not working correctly after assembly programming.

Question asked by BertaHousekeeper on Jan 17, 2015
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I am loading ADAU1772 program in assembly following this tutorial: Booting a SigmaDSP from a microcontroller with no C compiler .

In SigmaStudio I got project which is supposed to redirect input ( which is sound from laptop's headphones socket) directly to output, where I have connected my headphones. I just want to pass sound throughout ADAU1772 without even modyfing it. The problem is that after programming all I can hear is noise (hum). I used Saleae Logic Analyzer to follow I2C communication while programming and transmission  looks exatcly the same as it is said in TxBuffer_IC_1.dat and NumBytes_IC_1.dat files. I got no idea what can be wrong, is there anything else I have to care about when I program in assembly ? Maybe I have to write some data to some extra regiters or I have to prepare ADAU1772 to programming process?  I checked programming transmission  byte by byte and everything looks perfect.


I rather reject that SigmaStudio project is incorrect cause I got it from a person who used Evaluation Board to program ADAU1772 and everyting was right.