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Newbie to AD9914

Question asked by Y3G on Jan 16, 2015
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I got the eval board and wanted to set up a CW and then a chirp.

I got it first right, somehow but missing the correct calculations for it.

I am using the eval SW and read some of the Specification.

My questions are as follows,

1.) How do I have to set the jumpers correctly so I can start right away?

2.) The specification of the Ref_CLK Input says min 500 MHz - 3500 MHz. Do I need to work with an external source in order to get a CW or chirp?

3.) Can I use also less than 100 MHz external FCN gen as external clock?

4.) In the SW there is a place for the external clock and the multiplier. Every time I change this my profile freq limits are being modified. What is the exact connection/coupling/mathematics behind it.


Many thanks for any support

Y3G (...when there is LTE)