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VisualDSP.ADspSAFP, read back data?

Question asked by dav on Nov 7, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2010 by dav



We're using the Stand-alone Flash Programmer to do some automated programming and function testing.


With the "flasher".SendCustom command, using our custom flash-driver, we trigger different tests on the Blackfin.


Only thing I'm really missing is the ability to read-back som data. Like the "otp serial" of the dsp would be so nice.



Since sendCustom only returns success or fail, the only option/"hack" would be to sequentially use it to read bit for bit, but this would be insanely slow.



Is there anything we've missed?  Any tricks to get some data back using the command-line ADspSAFP to get some data back from the target?







ps. I'm aware that if visualdsp is installed and running we can automate that and use btc or similar, but we really want to have it a standalone solution with our custom-gui.