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ADXL312 Dynamic Range selection and its resolution setting

Question asked by RobinUofC on Jan 16, 2015
Latest reply on May 7, 2016 by STallur

Hi there,


I've been using the ADXL312 as a tilt sensor.


The resolution of the ADXL312 is said to be 2.9mg/lsb in the datasheet. Moreover, the datasheet claims that it works in the way that 10bit mode for 1.5g range, 13bit mode for 12g range, which means theoretically the internal ADC has at least 13-bit res in my view. Besides, the register Data_Format 0x31 offers us Full_Res Bit and range bits selection (Pg 23).


I was wondering if I can apply the 13-bit mode to 1.5g range by writing the Data_Format Register? This would allow me to achieve higher resolution at the output, comparing to the situation of 13-bit mode for 12g.