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Question asked by on Jan 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2015 by MMA

We use the ADuC832 in a sensor that is in a remote location in northern Canada.  About once a week, a technician goes and powers up the sensor reads the sensor data.  In the ADuC EEPROM, we store some factory loaded calibration constants that never change and some user data that gets updated each time a reading is taken.  These two types of data are not near each other in the EEPROM memory.


We have noticed in the fall and winter when the weather starts to tun colder, that occasionally (~0.1%), a random byte in our calibration constant is getting erased when a reading is taken.  We've been unable to replicate this phenomenon in the lab. 


  • Has anyone else experienced problems with reading or writing to EEPROM in the ADuC83x at colder temps?
  • Does the ADuC draw significantly more current during EEPROM erase and write operations?
  • Does anyone have some ideas on what to look for?


Any help would be appreciated.