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ADIS16334 & ADIS16364 comparison

Question asked by on Jan 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2015 by NevadaMark

We are using an ADIS IMU in an aviation application to measure attitude. During current prototyping in s scale model, the IMU is in fairly close proximity to a number of brushless motors which cause some vibration. Much effort has been spent minimising this to ensure the IMU functions well.

We have used both the ADIS16334 and ADIS16364 IMUs in the same configuration, and have experienced some unexpected differences. In the same tests, the ADIS16364 works satisfactorily at low motor speeds, however, at faster speeds (the speeds we need to operate at) the IMU appears to be affected by vibration - causing a bias to be seen in the calculated attitude. However, the ADIS16334 appears to cope better, and displays no such bias.

Both gyroscope and accelerometer readings are combined to calculate the attitude, and we are using a Kalman Filter in the data. Similar (but noisier) results for attitude are seen when using a simpler complementary filter. Both IMUs are using factory default settings.

Are there any reasons for the difference in performance, even though these IMUs have a similar specification?