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Could I setup a glade platform in Ubuntu 12.04 over the Zedboard and AD9361 system?

Question asked by yanjiesh on Jan 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2015 by rgetz

Dear all,


When I know how to manipulate the register 0x418 in debug tab of IIO Oscilloscope software to loopback the RX-input signal directly into the TX-out, I have an idea on design my own application software to accomplish the loopbak experiment.


I was told that the Glade is supposed to design application under Ubuntu operating system. Thus, if I have a Zedboard and an AD9361 evaluation system ( socalled hardware system henceforward ), could I download the App design tool -- Glade under Ubuntu 12.04 and use it to develop my own app over Ubuntu?


Is there enough sources of  the hardware system for operating Glade  software to design a specific app?