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How to select the number of Wavelet Transform Levels in ADV212 mulitchip application?

Question asked by yunpeng on Jan 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2015 by yunpeng

I want to compress different resolution image use mulitchips through tiling the raw image, and then merging into a single compliant codestream. I know I have to limit the number of wavelet transform levels(XFORMLEV in ADV212) because of the strict requiement( every subband in each tile has to be a multiple of the code block size).


For instance a 1280*1024 image tiled by 640*1024, 64*64 codeblock size and 1 level of transform is the only option because the level 1 subbands would be 320*512.


Is my analysis right? And how the number of wavelet transorm levels affect the quality of the images? If use the same RCTYPE and RCVAL, dose more transform levels produce more better images quality? Can I use XFORMLEV=1 in my products?


Thanks for any help.