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BOM for the AD9625 Eval board and Eval board question

Question asked by Belenie on Jan 13, 2015
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When you go on the Analog Devices website under AD9625 and click on ‘Evaluation Boards & Kits’ then click on ‘AD9625 Evaluation Board Documentation (Wiki Site)’ then click on ‘BOM’ you end up getting the artwork in the zip file (not the BOM). Any chance I can get the BOM for the AD9625 Eval Board that was intended to be placed on the Wiki Site?


Also, in the schematic for the AD9625 Eval Board, why is U802, pin 6 grounded when it is a No Connect in the datasheet? I only ask because I intend to use the same part in my design and want to know why Analog Devices chose to GND this pin.