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How can I use two AD7606 in one Atmega128?

Question asked by NadaJeff on Jan 13, 2015
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I want to use 16 channels ADC data. So I select AD7606.

After ADC from AD7606 (serial mode), datas are connected to Atmega128

Atmega128 transmits data to MFC viewer by bluetooth


When I use just one AD7606, I can see analog input data from MFC viewer.

However, when I use two AD7606, i can't see ADC data from second AD7606 in MFC viewer.

Second AD7606 pins (DoutA, CONVSTA,B, SCLK, Busy) were connected to Atmega128 same pins which first AD7606 pins were already connected except for CS pin (It is connected to different pin in Atmega128).

I coded like this. When first AD7606 CS changes low to high, second AD7606 CS changes high to low.

I thought second AD7606 will work ADC after finishing first chip ADC using CS pin.

But when I input analog data to second AD7606, I couldn't see any data from MFC viewer...

How can I solve this problem?? plz help me..


Thank you.