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AD9889B: no HDCP, leave MDA, MCL unconnected?

Question asked by meneerbeer on Jan 13, 2015
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I am working on a hobby project with an FPGA. I would like to add HDMI with audio to it. I have been looking at the HDMI transmitters from Analog Devices. Since this project is for myself and not for production I would like to use the older AD9889B. I can get that a lot cheaper than the ADV7513 and also it only needs a 1.8 V power supply. The AD9889B can do what I want, so I do not see a reason to go with the newer more expensive chips.


For my project I do not want to use HDCP. Unfortunately I can not find too much info about it in the datasheet. It seems normally an external EEPROM is connected to the MCL and MDA pins of the AD9889B. This EEPROM then stores the keys. Since I do not want to use HDCP, can I just omit the EEPROM and leave MCL and MDA unconnected? Can I leave MCL and MDA pins floating?


Thanks in advance!