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ADV7401: ghosting video output from CP with 480p input.

Question asked by fancyfly on Jan 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2015 by GuenterL


Now, I use a DVD player to output a 480p video(YPbPr) to ADV7401's CP through AIN6, AIN5 and AIN4. The original video image is:

Original Image.JPG

And I let the ADV7401 to output image with '24bit @LLC1 4:4:4 SDR' format. But the output images look like this:

Display Image (T1).JPG

Display Image (T2).JPG

Display Image (T3).JPG

Display Image (T4).JPG

So, we can see that the output image has ghosting in horizontal and also the image is scrolling in vertical.

Can anyone help to tell the possible reason for this? Thanks.