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CCES 1.1.0: C++11 support in CCES for Blackfin

Question asked by on Jan 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2015 by CraigG

I was wondering which features of C++11 are supported by CCES 1.1.0 for blackfin.
The latest manual (CrossCore Embedded Studio C/C++ Compiler and Library Manual for Blackfin Processors, Rev. 1.3, May 2014) has no concrete information about that.

page 41:
The -c++11 (C++ mode) switch directs the compiler to assume that the source file(s) are written in ANSI/ISO
14882:2011 standard C++ with Analog Devices language extensions.
This version of the compiler accepts many the features of the ANSI/ISO 14882:2011 standard, but the underlying
library support conforms to the ANSI/ISO 14882:2003.


What exactly means "many the features of the ANSI/ISO 14882:2011 standard"?
I have tried some new features, and auto, decltype, lambdas, constexpr seems to work.
But i want to be sure which features are officially supported.

BTW, the editor complains about constexpr, but the compiler accepts this keyword.


Thanks in advance,