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ad9361_dig_tune: Tuning TX FAILED!

Question asked by on Jan 12, 2015
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     I added a LTE protocol in bit file, then generated a BOOT.bin file, I found it can setup linux, and can realize point to point communcation. But when I generated BOOT.bin again, the two BOOT.bin are the same, and my send and receive program are also same. I found TX and RX coundn't sync, the first BOOT.bin can sync. Then I printk the register configuration, I found it printk "ad9361_dig_tune: Tuning TX FAILED!". I don't know why it get these result? because the BOOT.bin are the same. And what conditions will lead to different configuration in drivers? It maybe not good that different BOOT.bin will lead to different configuration in drivers.

     Thank you.