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AD9517/PCBZ (Rev B) Evaluation Board does not generate signal

Question asked by GuiX on Jan 12, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2015 by JLKeip

Hi everybody,


I am working with an AD9517/PCBZ (rev B) Evaluation Board and I can not generate any signal in any output.

I configured it as clock distribution using the evaluation software that seems to work fine (I write and read the registers without problems).

I tried to see the signal using an oscilloscope and an spectrum analyser in all the outputs but I found no signal.


Set-up configuration:

* The input signal is 0 dbm feeded in to the "CLK" conector, I verified that the signal reaches the AD9517-0 package pin.

* You can see the configuration in the attached figure

* I tried with other configurations but no one generates signal

* I checked all the biasing voltages and seems to be ok --> 3.3 V

* I checked some signals:

        RESETB --> 3.3 V

        STATUS --> 0 V

        REF_SEL --> 0V

        SYNCB --> 3V3

* Tried to feed the signal in the REFIN/REF1 and nREFIN/REF2 and configuring accordingly but no signal at the outputs was found.

* I checked no short-circuits at the outputs.



1.- Is it possible that all the outputs are damaged?

2.- What I am doing wrong?



Any hint will be really appreciated



Best regards