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band limiter

Question asked by dimitris. on Jan 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2015 by dimitris.

hi forum,


I am in need of a band limiter functionality in SigmaStudio.

I need to limit/compress signals that exceed a threshold in a certain frequency range, leaving it unaffected when it does not exceed the threshold.


I have come up with a solution that uses crossover filters for creating different bands and then applying different limiting settings on each band and then mixing the signal down. However this is far from optimal as the crossovers are constantly affecting the signals that go through them, I can't have many bands as it is hard to keep a flat frequency response when using more than 3-bands and furthermore my solution is using a lot of resources and artifacts.


Is there an efficient way to do band-limiting using SigmaStudio out of the box or do I need to work on my own implementations for this?


thank you