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ADAU1701 analog input and I2S input select

Question asked by GB_AD on Jan 11, 2015
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I am a beginner and I plan to use the ADAU1701 in an active speaker. I bought the ADAU-MINIZ development tool.

In my design I would like to use an ASRC like the PCM9211 (Bluetooth with RN52 module, optical and coaxial digital in and analog input).

I have a few questions and your help will be appreciated :

1) the PCM9211 ADC is limited to a sample rate of 96kHz and ADAU1701 can work in 192kHz.

So it seems better to use the ADAU1701 analog input if we setup the PCM9211 in 192kHz sample rate. Is it right ?

2) In this case how to select the ADAU1701 input from external analog or PCM9211 I2S out ?


Thank you in advance for your help and for your support.

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