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I2S input with ADAU1772

Question asked by Martin84 on Jan 9, 2015
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i have the Evalboard for the ADAU1772 and i'd like to convert a I2S input signal to an analog out (headphone out).

I am using this signal flow, where i feed the ASRC input (Serial 0/1) to the DAC 0 / 1, like below:

ADI signal flow.JPG


I am feeding a 24bit data I2S signal to the Serial audio interface but i cannot hear anything on the output of the DAC 0 /1.

I assume that my settings for the serial port control are right, i also double checked my I2S signal and it seems ok.

i think i am missing something, is anyone familiar with the serial input port and can help me out?


Thank you for any help,