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BF527 Devlopment Platform

Question asked by Harish1995 on Jan 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2015 by CraigG

Respected Sir,

We have encountered some problems while developing firmware for the
kit. We referred to analog devices website and downloaded two IDEs for
the Blackfin processor.
1. Crosscore Embedded Studio 1.1.0
2. VisualDsp++ Environment

The Crosscore IDE connects to the ADSP EZ kit and is able to download
simple programs. But it does not have library or example programs for
the kit. It was very difficult to write complex programs especially
for LCD display. Some of the example programs such as UART are not

The VisualDsp++ IDE is not connecting to the kit. It has all example
programs. But we are not able to connect to the kit and download the
compiled codings into the kit. We have regsitered for Test Drive
License only. We need the emulator license. We have attached the screen shot
of prompt display while attempting to connect to the kit. Also we have attached the images of the screen printed electrode.

We are not able to get the data sheet of LCD display T350MCQB01 in the internet.
We request you to kindly help us out.