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Audio filtering for radio communications using ADAU1700/1

Question asked by jomac on Jan 9, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2015 by KJBob

Im working on a project that would benefit from DSP on transmit and receive in a radio communications transceiver. The test board we have, has 4 pots connected to 4 analog inputs. We want to use 2 channels both audio, one for transmit, the other for receive. The transmit channel would have boost for a preset range of frequencies but the receive side would have a variable filter giving a boost, and a variable filter giving a cut or a notch effect. I thought of using the first two pots to set the frequency and the 'depth' of effect for the boost, the last two pots to set the frequency and the depth of cut.


Is there any ready made software specifically for radio communications, SSB in particular, im pretty open minded how to approach this.