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AD-FMCOMMS-2/3 No-OS changing frequency

Question asked by StuartP on Jan 8, 2015
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I'm using the bare metal No-OS software with zc706 + FMCOMMS3 and I'm having trouble changing frequency.


I'm operating in FDD mode and I call the "tx_lo_freq=" and "rx_lo_freq=" from the command.c file (which calls ad9361_set_tx_lo_freq() and ad9361_set_rx_lo_freq() ).

The functions work when they're called in the start-up sequence but when the system has been running for a while then calling the same functions have no effect i.e. the frequency doesn't change.

Is this to do with the ENSM state machine being in a state that doesn't allow freq change e.g. PLL's all locked or something?

I know you can change freq at any time with the iio-scope fmcomms3 dialog.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Another question is whether the MGC gain table is initialized in the No-OS software, as I have no luck with choosing a new value in the table. I assumed you could enter Table number pointers in the region of 1 to 79 using the "rx1_rf_gain=" call in command.c (after selecting MGC mode).

Many Thanks