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AD9834 frequency stability at 12MHz

Question asked by jatmega on Jan 8, 2015
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I am building a VFO DDS for a Ham radio.


The output needs to be int the range of 7.000-7.200 Mhz + 4.915 Mhz in other words around 12Mhz
Other demands are low power consumption.(the radio itself takes 12V 20mA  240mW) Since it will be used on battery operation.


When I tried to use an AD9833 (25Mhz crystal) I got a very unstable frequency at 12 Mhz and all the way down to 10 Mhz.
I checked with my other setup that is using the AD9850, and it produced a solid stable frequency, so it is not the oscilloscope that reads wrongly.


Is there anyone that has some data on the frequency stability of the AD9834 at 12Mhz ?
I need a stability of +-100Hz for this to work.
I would also appreciate if you had a voltage reading on the output.


Thanks in advance
Johan Andreas Thorkaas