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ADUM 4160: Detection of VDD1 on Downstream Side and PIN functionality

Question asked by logan54 on Jan 8, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2017 by patrick_stm

Hello Forum,


For an industrial application I am planning to use isolated USB. As MCU I use the Spansion 16FX (MB96F338USA) Micro. Therefore I’ve two questions.


VBUS activity:

+ The MCU provides USB sample code and this sample uses the VBUS Voltage to trigger an interrupt that causes the connect/disconnect event of the USB Module. I plan to use USB Power (VBUS) for the Host side of the Isolator, so I can save a DCDC Converter.

Q: Does the ADUM4160 provide a mechanism to transfer the information of the presence of VBUS from the Host Side (Upstream) to the Function side (Downstream)?



+ The MCU has a dedicated Pin for sending a connection request that is driving a BJT for pulling up the d+ line to VCC (HCONX:  Controls a switch between an external pull-up resistor and the USB data line to make the HOST or HUB recognize that USB function is connected.).

Q: Does the PIN function of the ADUM4160 does provide an equivalent function for indicating a connection event to the Host?