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SSM2804 - ALC and H/W Limiter, both available on the HP L-R outputs ?

Question asked by mike.marin on Jan 8, 2015
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I am considering using this IC for a new audio accessory due to its inclusion of the adjustable head-phone limiter and ALC compression.

I need confirmation of some details that don't seem to be clear in the datasheet. Namely, is the ALC and Hardware Limiter function, is it available on both outputs - the Speaker L-R Outputs and the Head-Phone L-R Outputs simultaneously ??

The ALC is mainly proposed as a means for Speaker Protection, whereas the Hardware based Head-Phone Limter is proposed for the head-phones mainly. Is the ALC and Limter, both available for the HP output ?


My main use of the SSM2804 device is for the Head-Phone Amplifier and associated stereo input mixers, but the ALC and Limiter functions are also required on the Head-Phone outputs. I don't intend to use the speaker amplifier so as to limit current consumption.


Could somebody clarify this for me, perhaps and app engineer from AD may shed some light on these ALC and Limiter fucntions ??


Thank you in advance.


Regards, Mike