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Power supply requirements of ADXL362

Question asked by sin on Jan 7, 2015
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I have some questions about ADXL362 from my customer.


The datasheet says as following.
 Operating Voltage Range (VS) 1.6 2.0 3.5 V
 I/O Voltage Range (VDD I/O)  1.6 2.0 VS  V

Please find attached file.
In this case, Vs may be a little bit lower than VDDIO by the filter.
How much volts can VDDIO bear higher than Vs ?  Or can the circuit like this be not permitted ?
And  if possible, please let me know the reason why Vs should be higher than VDDIO.


The datasheet says,"it must always be started up from 0 V".
Please let me know the reason why it must always be started up from 0 V.


If we cannnot reduce supply voltage to 0V at starting up, how much volts can this device be started up from ?


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