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ADAU1701 can detect input signal?  to driver a led?

Question asked by michaelc21 on Nov 2, 2010
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      Now, I am using ADAU1701 to design a  Sound equipment.

      I am going to make a function: when there is  signal input, or adjust add the volume,  then, ADAU1701 turn on  a LED.


       While there is no signal input ,or the volume is very low, turn off the LED.


        May be the output pin didn't  just drive a LED, but link to MCU, to wake up  MCU from Sleep mode.


        There is Signal input, the MCU working, while no signal,MCU go into sleep mode.


       To light a led is no problen, using a gpio pin of output  is ok.


         But how to  detect the input signal? Now I have no idea. 


         I used the RTA OUPUT, and Limiter , they seemed not  OK.


         Thank you!