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uV Res. Amplification ?

Question asked by hkara on Jan 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2015 by hkara

Hi to all,

I am reading a DC voltage from a system, where the min voltage is -10mV and the max voltage is 50mV. I want to read this range with in 20uV resolution. The firs thing comes in mind is the amplification of this levels with op-amp. Since I can only want to use single supply (say 3V3) I can amplify the positive ones but what about the negative voltages?

On the other hand, do I need to sellect an op-amp that the input offset voltage is less than 20uV? ( or do ı missleading myself with poor understanding of input offset voltage)

I am thinking to use zero-drift, low input offset voltage instrumentation amplifier (IA), and giving a ref voltage about 1V8 to cover minus and plus voltages.

Is there any suggested circ diagram or IC ?

Any help will be appreciated.