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AD7175-2 status register always says 0x01?

Question asked by Bill.Englemann Employee on Jan 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2015 by jcolao

Hello -

I'm having trouble with the status register reading bits [1:0] - CHANNEL information.

I currently have enabled CHANNELS 0 and 1 and have the IC running in continuous conversion mode. The data coming out of the IC corresponds to accurate readings of both channels.  Data is alternating between channel 0 and channel 1 as expected.

But when I read the Status register it either shows me 0x81 (Awaiting new data channel 1) or 0x00 (new data ready channel 0). 

So, I then went into the interface mode register and set bit 6 (DATA_STAT) so that it would append the status byte to the end of the data information. 

Now when I examine the last byte of data (which should be the output of the status register) it always says 0x01 (new data ready channel 1).  I was hoping that this would toggle between 0x00 (channel 0) and 0x01 (channel 1).

What could I be missing? It seems straight forward.  any suggestions?