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Latest u-boot version for ZYNQ+AD9361

Question asked by on Jan 7, 2015
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I have a question about u-boot.


I am following the instructions on this page: Zynq and the AD9361 and/or AD9364    [Analog Devices Wiki] (Section: "Build the boot image") to use the u-boot-xlnx git tree (as described here: Xilinx Wiki - U-boot ) and then apply the patch to use the SD card instead of ramdisk, and build this code to get the appropriate u-boot.bin.


However, the information about 2014_R2 here: says that this latest version uses the most recent u-boot 2014.07 etc. Should I get the u-boot directly from DENX ( SourceCode < U-Boot < DENX ) . If so, would I need to apply patches to it etc. to get the system working?


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