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ADF4158 FSK Settings

Question asked by bitbad on Jan 6, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2015 by rbrennan


I am using the ADF4158 on evaluation board with the ADF4158/9 PLL software .

I want to design a waveform with FSK modulation and have simulated in ADIsimPLL, but I don't  know how to realize the settings in ADF4158/9 PLL software, and the FSK configuration parameter required is listed below:



1)  external reference frequency: 10MHz

2) PFD Frequency: 10MHz

3)   f0  f1  f0  f1  f0  f1  f0  f1...,and the frequency difference between f0 and f1 is 1.5MHz.

4)  the period of (f0  f1) is 20ms.


The ADIsimPLL simulation result is attached, I need the  ADF4158/9 PLL software settings cresponding to the simulation.





Many Thanks.